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Enclosed Cozy Baby Sleeper - Spunky Chevron

$ 25.00

Our enclosed Cozy Baby Sleeper is a great way to keep your little one warm and snug while they snooze or rest. Our spacious enclosed baby sleeper design allows freedom of movement while giving your baby boundaries inside their cozy sleep sack. The bottom-to-top zipper allows for easy diaper changes or checks without having to fully undress your baby; their chest and arms can stay cozy while you take care of them. Cozy newborn enclosed sleepers offer the enclosed feel of the womb without restricting movement, and aid with startle reflex babies can experience after birth; a great swaddle transition sleeper too! Our Cozy baby sleep sacks keep baby's arms and legs inside, while giving them tangible borders they can feel that aid in restful sleep for a baby and their parents. Revelae Kids enclosed Cozy Sleepers also help prevent thumb sucking!

  • Material: 100% soft jersey cotton.
  • Measurements for 3-6 Month: 22" length x 26" wingspan/arm length x 13" middle width/torso, neck circumference: 12.5".
  • Measurements for 0-3 Month: 18.5" length x 20" wingspan/arm length x 10.5" middle width/torso, neck circumference: 10.5".
  • Zipper: Bottom to top zipper (zip downward to close, and zip up to open).
  • Zipper cover built-in, so no cold zipper touches baby's chin or neck!
  • Helps discourage a baby from sucking their thumb or fingers.
  • Keeps a baby cozy with enclosed boundaries, without any extra fabric nearing the face.
  • Helpful sleeper for transitioning from a swaddle.
  • Works great with Revelae Kids Cozy Blanket Pouches for extra warmth!

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