Discovery Box Sensory Bins

Discovery Box Farm Set sensory bin for kids
Product Highlights

Discovery Box sensory bins introduce kids to a magical world of miniature creatures, sparkling gems, colorful rocks, and tiny plants and flowers. These themed sensory bins encourage hours of imaginative play. Kids can scoop up the sensory beans, water beads or play sand and discover the hidden treasures within each box. 

  • Explore lots of textures and sparkly accents!
  • Dig around in the sensory medium such as play sand, water beads, or dry beans.
  • Choose one of our all-in-one sensory boxes with everything included and ready to play!
  • Save the time and effort of putting together a DIY sensory bin.
  • Store everything in the closable storage box.
Discovery Boxes include fun creatures, sensory textures and colorful accents within a closable box with a lid. Our portable sensory bins are easy to take out without a big production.

Don't need the box? We also offer Discovery Kits, featuring everything from our themed Discovery Boxes, without the box! Discovery Kits are usable with your own box to create a custom sensory bin.