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Cozy Sleepwear

Revelae Kids Cozy Blanket Pouches Product Highlights

Our one-of-a-kind Cozy Baby Blanket Pouches keep baby cozy from the waist down and are hard to kick off, thanks to the soft elastic waistband. The fuzzy polyester material is comforting and can't be pulled up near the face, providing a cozy and safe sleep space.
Small: 0-3 months | Large: 6-9 months

Our Cozy Baby Sleepers create a secure sleeping environment that helps babies sleep through the night, thanks to the fully enclosed baby sleep sack design that resembles the womb. Baby's hands and feet stay tucked inside and won't get cold, and our enclosed baby sleeper design helps with startle reflex and even discourages a baby from sucking their fingers or thumb. Our innovative baby sleeper by Revelae Kids unzips from the bottom up for easy diaper changes, without having to fully undress your baby. Cozy Sleepers are a great first sleeper for your baby!

Small: 0-3 months | Large: 3-6 months


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