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How To Make a Kid's Sensory Bin

Katie W Kids' Sensory Activities

Kids love playing with tiny creatures and shimmery gems. It's easy to make a DIY sensory box with things you may already have around your house. 5 key elements make up a good sensory bin for imaginative play:

  1. Miniature creatures, fake bugs or tiny animals.
  2. Fun textures such as tiny plants and rocks.
  3. Sparkly accents such as acrylic gems, large rhinestones or colorful marbles.
  4. Sensory medium such as dried beans or play sand.
  5. Box with a lid your child can play in and easily put away for later.

Once you've gathered the elements for a fun kids' sensory bin, you can create a unique play experience each time!

Make a kids' sensory box with jewels and miniature animals - Revelae Kids

My kids love tiny ocean creatures which we pair with colorful aquarium plants and tiny shells. You could also add colorful rocks, jewels, and star fish beads. We use our mini ocean creatures along with a sensory medium of either water beads or moldable play sand. My kids love squishing the colorful water beads or making the play sand into undersea sand castles! Sensory bins are so fun because kids get to explore all kinds of textures, hide treasures, and use their imaginations!

Dinosaur sensory bin with tiny palm trees - Mommy Scen

Dinosaurs are also fun to play with alongside colorful jewels and tiny palm trees. Small reptiles can be paired with dry beans straight from the kitchen! Once you have your sensory bin set put together, you can pull it out and add any sensory medium — sand, beans, dirt, and even play dough — for your kids to explore and create their own tiny world!

Black beans and tiny reptiles kids' sensory bin - Revelae Kids

Interactive & Educational Play

Sensory bins are great for preschool and after school activities to fill the long afternoon hours. Kids can play alone or with friends. Sensory bins are also beneficial for helping kids practice motor skills, explore new textures and learn the colors. If you use a clear shoe box or storage bin with lid, once your child is finished playing, you can just put the top on the box and store it away for next time. Sensory bins are especially fun to pull out on a rainy day or during colder weather when kids can't easily go outside. 

Butterfly and flower sensory bin with white beans - Mommy Scene

Which fun textures and creatures will you put in your sensory box? 


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