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Do your kids love scooping sand and playing with tiny objects? We created our sensory Discovery Boxes especially for kids to inspire imaginations and help children develop finer motor skills. Our themed Discovery Boxes each feature a sensory medium; play sand, water beads, or beans. Our selection of kid-friendly box filler allows kids to scoop hidden treasures, hide jewels and little realistic-looking creatures, and overall have a blast playing with friends or practicing independent play. 

Play in the Ocean at Home

Our Ocean Exploration Discovery Box is by far a fan favorite! The bright blue water beads are an automatic kid magnet, and we've included some actual aquarium plants and little sea creatures in the closable, flip-top box, accented with sparkling gems and shells. The water bead box can be used for several months without the water beads drying out, especially if stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun. It also comes with a water bead refill! Water beads start out as tiny "seeds" and must be soaked for up to 8 hours to turn into fully-saturated, non-toxic, sensory water bead spheres! Water beads can break into pieces if squished very hard, but overall they are a super fun sensory activity! We recommend washing your hands before using your Ocean Exploration Discovery Box so your sensory bin remains bacteria-free and long lasting.

Sensory bin water bead Ocean Discovery Box by Revelae Kids

Discovery Box water beads start out as tiny seeds that need to be soaked for 8 hours to turn into sensory glassy spheres. 

Sensory Ocean Discovery Box with sea creatures by Revelae Kids

Our Ocean Exploration Discovery Box includes weighted aquarium plants, a bubble scoop (not shown here), small sea creatures, and sparkly gems and shells. 

Ocean Discovery Box for sensory play by Revelae Kids

Our themed sensory bins offer a variety of textures encouraging sensory play, motor skill development and overall fun!

Ocean Discovery Box sensory bin with water beads by Revelae Kids

Discovery Box water beads are fun to scoop and stir around. They are the consistency of dense gelatin, so they may crack and break into water bead fragments under pressure if squeezed. Our Discovery water beads are translucent, colorful and non-toxic. The Ocean Discovery Box includes one water bead refill.

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Sensory themed Discovery Boxes by Revelae Kids

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Which is your favorite discovery box style? Themes include Ocean Exploration, Rainforest Exploration, Dinosaur World, Butterfly Garden, and Glamour.


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