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Yummi Pouch Cloth Snack Bag Review

Revelae Kids Cloth Snack Bags

These snack bags from Revelae Kids are so so good! 

They have been everything that I've needed when I'm on the go. Convenient, reusable and cute! I always have an argument with myself when I'm packing up my diaper bag to leave the house. I want to just throw in my big container of snack puffs for baby girl in my bag, but the container always takes up too much room! So I lazily grab a Ziploc and pour some in there and toss it in my bag. That works, right? Yea it does. So what do these cloth snack bags have that disposable bags don't?

- Emily Osborne, Love Me Like You Do

Yummi Pouch cute printed cloth snack bags


Says so right on the tag, imagine that! Not saying disposable bags can't be reused when you've had dry snacks in them, but most people don't. It's easier to toss them, especially after they have wet snacks in them. But Yummi Pouches are machine washable! After having pretty much everything from dried snacks to mushy fruit, I've washed mine numerous times and they come out on the other side clean, fresh and ready to use again.


I mean, listen. I'm not a hippie or an Eco-friendly advocate. I use disposable diapers, I drink from water bottles and I don't always recycle. I guess you could say I'm human. But whenever there is an opportunity to be Eco-friendly, I would like to be! So for those of you looking for alternatives to plastic bags, these are it. They're affordable and worth it.


Yea. They are SO cute. They come in sets and they have a variety of different snack bag patterns for boys, girls and unisex. They come in different sizes, so you can have snack size or you can have sandwich size! Hello. School lunches. Or the everything bag. So you can have everything. I'll tell you what, they've thought of everything.

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