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5 Creative Uses for Yummi Pouches

Revelae Kids Yummi Pouch Reviews

I don't even remember life before food pouches. I mean, really, people actually had to use a spoon and a jar to feed their child? I kid... But seriously, the invention of the baby pouch is pure genius in my book.

I love pouches for the convenience. I can throw them in my diaper bag, give them to my daughter on the go without having to worry about a mess and just toss them when I'm done. But I've noticed that the store bought pouches can become pretty pricey when you consume as many as we do. That's why I'm excited to have found Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches.

Yummi Pouches are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and BPA and Phthalate free. They come in three sizes — Classic pouches hold up to 6 ounces, Mini pouches hold up to 2.5 ounces, and Sport pouches hold up to 10 ounces. They are all super easy to fill through a wide top zipper opening (or bottom opening in the case of the Minis) and are recyclable. They are easy to hand wash as well just a bottle brush and nipple brush.

But there are other uses for these reusable pouches other than baby food. Here are 5 creative uses you may not have thought of.

Yummi Pouch breakfast smoothie

1. Breakfast Smoothies

How many times have you ran out the door only to realize that you forgot to feed your kid breakfast? While not proud, I have done this (my mind runs a mile a minute). So filling reusable pouches with smoothies that I make the night before are an easy way for breakfast on the go.

Yummi Pouch applesauce

2. Applesauce

My husband proudly made my daughter's baby food. But of course there were times when he just didn't have the time or energy, or ingredients, to puree her food. Now that she's older, we still give her pouches of applesauce but have found that it's cheaper to buy a big jar and fill up our Yummi Pouches than buy the applesauce pouches from the store.

Yummi Pouch Travel Toiletries

3. Travel Toiletries

Fill the mini with your shampoo, conditioner or body wash when traveling. Two mini Yummi Pouches fit in a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag, which meets TSA's 3-1-1 Liquid Rule. If you're checking a bag, then the 6 or 10 ounce pouches work too!

Yummi Pouch petroleum jelly container

4. Vaseline

It always seems to be cheaper to buy petroleum jelly in that big tub rather than in a tube. But that giant container is not conducive for anywhere outside the nursery. Just scoop some in a pouch and throw it in the diaper bag for diaper changes while out and about.

Yummi Pouch ketchup dispenser container

5. Ketchup Dispenser

Condiments for work lunches (salad dressings or ketchup). As a working mom, I make and pack my lunch daily (well, my husband does — I know, I'm spoiled). I always have trouble finding tiny containers to hold my salad dressing or ketchup and I tend to forget the bottles in the work fridge if I bring them with me. These pouches are perfect to keep at work for a week's worth of lunches.

Yummi Pouch also makes the best cloth snack bags for pouch transport, or other food transport. I can't tell you how many times I've spilled bottles of water or my daughter's snacks all over my purse. These bags are the perfect buffer and they're also machine washable.

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