Easy, Eco-Friendly Snacking With Yummi Pouch Cloth Snack Bags

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We like to be as Eco-friendly as possible. As much as we try to use reusable containers for school snacks and lunches, we go through a lot of plastic baggies. Yummi Pouch reusable cloth snack bags are a great solution!

- A Nation Of Moms

Yummi Pouch cloth snack bags are made with moisture resistant nylon and have a zipper across the top. They measure 4" x 7", which is a great size, about the size of our usual snack bags. They fit nicely into a snack bag or lunch box to hold goldfish, pretzels, cookies, dried fruit, and more. Plus, they rinse clean and you can wash by hand, in the dishwasher, or washing machine. I find that they are so easy to wash out with a little soapy water. The pouches come in several sets of different designs and lots of cool prints!

Yummi Pouch pink and purple chevron cloth snack bag


  • Lined with a moisture resistant interior 
  • Decorated with colorful prints. 
  • Perfect to hold dry snacks. 
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

Yummi Pouch cloth snack bag for dry snacks

Yummi Pouch cloth snack bags easily fit in a lunch box and make snack time eco-friendly

See full review at anationofmoms.com.

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